Why I'm Running

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Here in Michigan, I was part of the team that turned our state around. We moved Michigan toward a brighter future by balancing our budget, paying down our long-term debt and growing our economy.  

At the same time, our nation faces tremendous challenges, both at home and around the world.  I want to contribute my skills and values toward preserving and enhancing our quality of life. 

I believe America is worth fighting for.  As your Congressman, I will continue to fight to restore the American dream of economic opportunity for those who work hard to support their families. 

I will fight for a balanced budget and work towards paying off our crushing long-term debt, which places an overwhelming burden on current and future generations. I am also committed to keeping promises to our seniors with regard to Social Security and Medicare.  

I will fight to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a better health care system that puts patients first and emphasizes private sector, market-based quality, accessibility and affordability. 

And, I will fight to make sure our armed forces have the resources they need to be successful defending our country and as they transition back into civilian life. 

My hands-on leadership fighting Obamacare, promoting economic growth, balancing budgets, assisting our veterans and limiting the role of the federal government in our lives has prepared me to continue to serve as your representative in Washington D.C. 





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