From the American Revolution to the war in Afghanistan, generations of young Americans have answered the call to duty. The sacrifice that the men and women of our military make define us as a nation. Their dedication and commitment, along with that of their families, ensures our freedom. We should never take them for granted. That’s why I supported giving our military the largest pay raise in a decade.

Just as we support our service members, we must also support our veterans to ensure they receive the benefits they earned defending our country. That is why I:

  • Voted for the VA MISSION Act, which provides much-needed funding and accountability at the VA, including making it easier for those who have failed our veterans to be fired.
  • Voted for our veterans to receive a COLA increase because we can never do enough to thank them for their service.
  • Worked to protect and strengthen veterans during their transition back to civilian life with assistance for them to begin their own businesses or find jobs in the private sector.
  • Supported community programs that help homeless veterans and work to prevent veteran suicides.

I will continue to fight for those who risk their lives to keep our nation safe and secure.

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