The opioid crisis has touched every family in some way and continues to be a major concern for communities throughout mid and northern Michigan.

I have met with health care professionals, legal experts, law enforcement, first responders, as well as victims of the crisis and their families.

In meeting with them and hearing their concerns, I have taken action and backed multiple pieces of legislation that will help slow and end the crisis.

First, I have supported efforts to secure our nation’s borders and stop the flow of illegal drugs including powerful synthetic opioids from places like China.

Second, I’m proud to have voted for sweeping bipartisan legislation while in Congress that provides new tools to battle this epidemic. Congress must continue to invest in innovative ways to prevent and treat Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Finally, I have voted for legislation that funds research into non-addictive pain treatments that help those who are injured avoid addictive opioids and offer new hope to those who are already living in pain.

This is an epidemic and I am working to end it.

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