Tomorrow is the day

Nov 05 2018

Tomorrow, Michiganders head to the polls and this is the time to make your voice heard.

Since the first day I ran for office, I’ve made one promise - that I would do the very best I could to be your voice in Washington. In the time I have been honored to serve as your Representative in the United States House, I have listened to the people of the 4th District and presented their concerns, ideas and solutions to my colleagues. And I want to continue to fight for you and our conservative values.

I’m asking for your support. Right now, there are more jobs for hardworking Michigan residents and unemployment is at four percent! Michigan Republicans have turned our state around and it is much better off than it was eight years ago.

I hope you will vote on Tuesday for our Republican ticket and the incredible team of candidates we have who will continue our state's progress after the disastrous decade of Democrat-rule.

Please reach out to any voters who may still be undecided, and encourage them to get to the polls tomorrow to cast a ballot for myself and the terrific Republican candidates.

Thanks for all you continue to do.

John Moolenaar

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