Moolenaar Celebrates Hunting Season for Veterans and Residents with Disabilities

Today marks the first day of the Independence Hunt, a four-day firearm deer hunting
season for veterans and Michigan residents with disabilities. Congressman John
Moolenaar, who has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, wished hunters well
on the first day of the hunt.

“Good luck to all of the Michigan veterans and residents with disabilities participating in
this weekend’s Independence Hunt. Hunting is a part of our state’s wonderful outdoor
heritage and as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I will always work to defend
our rights so Michigan veterans can enjoy opportunities like this for years to come,” said

Congressman Moolenaar recently received the endorsement of the National Rifle
Association with an “A” rating for his consistent support of the Second Amendment and his
work to protect every law-abiding Michigan resident’s right to own and use firearms for
protection and recreation.

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