I believe we are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable Right to Life. Life begins at conception and we must protect human life, the foundation of our civilization.

I support the Born-Alive Act, which would require doctors to care for babies who are born. I also believe parents must be notified if their child is having an abortion, and that we should do more to protect unborn children in the womb when a heartbeat is detected.

Our way of life is based on the belief that every human life has value, that’s why my pro-life record goes hand-in-hand with my strong support of adoption as a way to provide loving and safe homes for children. Unfortunately, far too many children - over 100,000 - are waiting in foster care programs throughout the United States for families to adopt them.

I will fight to help all children still in foster care. They deserve the right to grow up in a safe and loving home. We must continue to promote adoption and work to make loving families aware of the many programs available to help them adopt a child.

There is much that we as a nation can do to encourage adoption and ensure that our country values human life.

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