Petition Instructions 2022

Petition Instructions

1. As a circulator, make sure to write in the county name at the top of the petition form. All signers on the form must be registered to vote in the listed county.  You may circulate petitions for any county in the Second Congressional District of Michigan, but a different petition form must be used for each county. 
2. Make certain that all sections have been completed by each signer. 
3. After the circulator has gathered signatures, the section in the lower right corner of each petition must be completed. 
4. Once completed, fold and place the petition(s) in a return envelope, affix a first class postage stamp and drop in the mail.

Mail Petitions To:

John Moolenaar for Congress
PO Box 2192
Midland, MI 48641
If you have any questions please contact the office at (989) 600-4163.

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Request a Petition 2022

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