issue_adoptionI believe we are endowed by our Creator with the unalienable Right to Live.  Life begins at conception.  We must protect human life, the foundation of our civilization. We must do everything possible to protect life, because the protection of life is the centerpiece of what makes us unique as a nation.  As we consider human life, we must consider these important matters:

  • Life does begin at conception.
  • The foundation of our way of life is based on the belief that every human life has value.
  • Every decision that we make, as pro-life advocates, should always be on the side of life.
  • Partial birth abortions must be banned.
  • Parental notification for children under 18 should be required. 

Hand in hand with my strong pro-life position is my belief in the importance of adoption.

I am a strong supporter of adoption as a way to provide loving and safe homes for children.  Unfortunately, far too many children - over 100,000 - are waiting in foster care programs throughout the United States for families to adopt them.

It is clear that even more work is necessary to increase the adoption of these children into safe, permanent, loving homes.  We have the ability and the opportunity to help encourage adoption and help children who are trapped in the foster care system.

I will fight to help all children still in foster care.  They deserve the right to grow up in a forever safe and loving home.  We must continue to promote adoption and work to make loving families aware of the many programs available to help them adopt a child.

There is much that we as a nation can do to encourage adoption as a way of ensuring that our nation remains a nation that values human life.

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