I believe our country must provide the next generation of Americans with the skills they need to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy. The skilled trades and the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math offer many opportunities for employment. That’s why I supported the STEM Education Act and programs in the skilled trades.

I also believe that students who wish to pursue careers in skilled trades and other non-traditional degrees should have access to financial aid, just like those who attend four-year universities. For that reason, I'm committed to expanding access to current financial aid programs to those students.

When I was a school administrator, I saw first-hand how empowering parents and students with choices makes a difference in their lives. That's why I will continue to be a champion of school choice in education so that children’s education is in the hands of their parents and not merely a product of their zip code.

As a father who recently sent his youngest off to college, I know skyrocketing tuition and other costs are on the minds of parents and high school students throughout mid-Michigan. That’s why I'm fighting for accountability and transparency in higher education. I've also been a consistent advocate for grants and other financial aid that helps Michigan families fulfill their education goals.

Finally, I'm proud to say that Michigan is home to some of our nation's premier research universities. I will continue to be their advocate in Congress and ensure that they have the funding to continue producing the scientific advancements that make the United States the world leader in innovation.

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