The Fourth District is home to the most diverse and most productive agricultural communities in the state. From beans, Christmas trees, and cattle to milk, mint, and poultry, we are fortunate to have thousands of family-owned farms to feed our communities and people around the world.

Growing up, I remember visiting my grandparents’ small farm in Indiana and helping my grandfather at sunrise. As I meet with farmers across the Fourth District, I often reflect on the hard work and values instilled by my grandparents. While the technology may change, the hard-working nature of farmers does not.

In the face of unfair trade practices, I have supported countering cheap foreign imports like cherries from Turkey, as well as opening and expanding markets like dairy in Canada and pork in China. This is also why I am a strong supporter of President Trump’s new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, the USMCA.

As your voice in Congress, I will stand firm against out of touch proposals, and educate my colleagues to ensure the tireless work of over 15,000 farmers in mid- and Northern Michigan is not taken for granted. I will work diligently to make certain Michigan farmers are able to sell their products to more consumers around the world, ensure federal regulations do not impede farm operations and preserve federal farm programs for generations to come.

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